My name is Sanjeet Veen Rana and my friends call me Sanjeet Veen I am thirty-four years old born and bought up in Mumbai, India. As a kid, I was passionate about electronic gadgets and technology.  I would spend hours together trying to fix or dismantle every electronic device that was unused. My admiration for electronic devices grew stronger, when my father brought a computer.  At the age of 15, a computer was miraculous devices that draw my attention and became a soul reason for me to pursue a career in the relative field. After completing my studies, little struggle, willpower and hard work paid off well and landed me with a job into a prestigious organization, Bomgar Corporation, Atlanta, United States, as a Software Development Engineer.

Working in the dream role is something that boosts your self-esteem and helps you build a successful career. Learning various aspects of technology and observing the changes taking place, makes it easier for me to make a choice while purchasing any electronic devices. However, I always get curious about how something new in the market gets a hold on to consumers. There are numerous products launches every now and then. When the choices are too many, it is hard to decide on one. None of us wants to make a wrong choice and regret over it. Here is where people like me take up extra responsibility out of their passion, interest or hobby whatever you might call it, to deliver a frank opinion about a product or a service in the form of ‘Review’. Reviews may not convince you into purchasing a certain product or a service but definitely clarifies the air of confusion.

Writing reviews about electronics devices motivates and keeps me focused. I have always been fascinated about the gadgets incorporated with incredible technology. is a small effort to assist you with genuine information about various electronics. On this website, you will get everything you want to know about an electronic device, to help you make a right choice.