Technology has advanced to such a state where new types of equipment and gadgets have been introduced. When it comes to gaming PCs, the graphics has seen skyrocketing performances even when compared to the gaming consoles such as PlayStation or X-Box. However, several consoles and handheld devices are around the corner with limited features and economic standards, the gaming PCs are of a different level. If your pockets are deep as well as your intentions to own a best PC, then just scroll down to find the best PCs in business that would lure you into the dream worlds of the realistic games in market. Even after these many years, I still feel more comfortable operating a Desktop rather than a laptop. At work Sanjeet Veen is an antique person for the passion, I carry for these desktops. Therefore, here are few of those varieties, which are the best among the desktop varieties.

  1. Alienware Aurora – Alienware has become those good in everything product to almost every gamer around the world and this member delivers you the perfect gaming experience and that too in the budget that does not squeak you out. Priced at $799 only, this beast offers you 8GB RAM with limited one TB space and wears an NVidia GeForce GTX 950 graphics card. Its sleek CPU can be popped up by a single button to upgrade your specs without any tools. The best part is its specs are amazingly sufficient to power up a 4K and VR gaming features. With best features and configurations, this Alienware definitely packs a punch.
  2. Chillblast Fusion Catapult – Offering a sturdy, balanced and great performance when coming to playing hardcore games, this version of Chillblast surely delivers you the chill. Allowing a fast-overclocked system and ensuring future proofing, this metal creature vrooms ahead with brilliant graphics. Features like with 16GB RAM, 8 GB Radeon Graphics card, Corsair Hydro H55 Cooler sported with Zalman Z11 Neo body, Chillblast lives up to the name it has provided.
  3. Wired2Fire Diablo Predator VR – This costly suite of virtual predator enables you to stick to your monitors. With money come more specs this is what all about Diablo Predator. Sporting a 16 GB DDR4 RAM, NVidia GeForce GTX 1070 8GB graphics card, ID Cooling SE-214 CPU Cooler embedded in Phanteks Eclipse P400 case, Wired2Fire gives you one of the best gaming setup that you can’t deny playing with
  4. Vibox Spawn X – Priced a little’ bit lower to a $1K, Vibox presents you the latest Spawn X with smart appearance and decent processing speed. Undoubtedly, one of high ratings among the game beasts, Spawn X thrills you with the latest gaming features with sleek features. Spawn X embraces an 8GB DDR4 RAM with MSI NVidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB, Cooler master Seidon 120v CPU cooler in Phanteks Enthoo Pro Mid case, Vibox stocks you up with more than decent playing.
  5. Asus ROG G20CB (VR-Ready) – One of the best among the new gaming systems, Asus ROG amuses you with the latest technology enticed with virtual reality. There are many competitors around with VR features but this member Asus delivers you the best with a thump. Priced on a higher side, Asus ROG costs you a whopping $1,500. If cost is not a hurdle for you but need the best time of your gaming life, this virtual animal is your friend. God like appearance, this PC comprise 16GB DDR4 RAM accelerated with NVidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB graphics and 3.4GHz Intel Core i7-6700 processor, Asus ROG thrills you to the core.
5 best desktops you want check out before buying one
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Sanjeet Veen Rana is an expert review writer, who provides inputs on technical and non-technical information about an electronic device in a particularized way to help the consumer take a right decision. Being a software development engineer, he has a keen knowledge over technological advancements that can boost the performance of an electronic device and the aspects that can serve better and stand long.

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