External storage devices are boons to computer geeks for whom the built up memory is never going to be sufficient. Apart from computer, professional extra storage is the necessity for everyone. Few need the space for movies, few for games, while few need it to store some important/personal information. I was not that good about these hard disks and ending up with three devices that crashed and did not work. Sanjeet Veen, have immense knowledge on various subjects like automobiles, finance, real estate, trade etc., but hard disks is something I could never make a right choice. You must be thinking what is so particular about the storage devices. In addition, why we have to so conscious while purchasing them? Not every device is compatible with your system, not every storage device is the same.

Here are few things you must know about external hard drive before buying them.

Connectivity – The three major types of External hard drive available in the market are eSATA, USB2.0, and firewire. With quasi-universal compatibility, USB 2.0 has better transfer speed and is the most prevalent version in market. eSATA the newest version consumes less space than USB and offer premium performance. With Mac environment, nothing can beat the performance of Firewire. Depending upon the usability, you can choose the device.

Software – Software is the main aspect that defines the performance of the device. Sometimes a great software package may not give the required performance but might provide average user performance with backup facility. While some devices have auto upload facility, file encryption with excellent performance. Few might also have built up functionality that allows the users to use their favourite applications.

Security – Security is an important aspect to keep your files free from prying eyes. Brands like western digitals and Seagate offers improved redundancy with’ on the fly encryption ‘. You can lock any features of your files to make sure nothing is out into unwanted hands.

Warranty – Believe it or not, but warranty is a very essential aspect you must not fail to overlook while buying a hard disk. If there is any issue with your device within a month after purchase, warranty period can replace the product from brand or get it repaired. Why waste your money on something that does not promise any warranty. Storage solution, which comes handy, makes the user experience comfortable. Importantly, file recovery option becomes easier when warranty can be claimed.

4 Things You Must Know About External Storage Device
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Sanjeet Veen Rana is an expert review writer, who provides inputs on technical and non-technical information about an electronic device in a particularized way to help the consumer take a right decision. Being a software development engineer, he has a keen knowledge over technological advancements that can boost the performance of an electronic device and the aspects that can serve better and stand long.

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