Smart phone is essentially your smart computer; after all, we use it for everything. It makes our life better, comfortable, and simple. Can you imagine a day without your smartphone? I guess half of our work will be stopped. From the time people started using smartphone work has become essentially easy. For me, it is the most important device that has to be there with me 24×7. I am a mobile person, but the mobile accessories are not for me, unless I realised the importance. Technology has evolved throughout the years and today you can operate, control almost everything with the smart device in your hand. Here are few smart gadgets for your mobile, which I, Sanjeet Veen feel are incredible innovations.

Viper smart start-You can make your friends colleagues and everyone envy you with this Viper smart start. This device can perform all the important tasks like a remote. Right from Locking the car door, honk, releasing the trunk and to check vehicles safety status this smart phone gadgets is in control of your finger trips.

Square Register- This is a revolution in the conservatory transaction system, where your card details can be trapped. To avoid any frauds while making a payment through your credit/debit cards, SquareRegiter encrypts all the important data before initialising the processing. Now money transaction is much more secure and simple.

Tod– Tod acts like a satellite that detects and tracks the location of your child, pet or vehicle which ever you think is important to keep near visibility. If there is any wanderer’s activity or some kind of disturbance, you can track them through notifications and emails sent by this gadget.

Node Chroma- If you like photography and love Photoshop tools, then Node Chroma is for you. Pick any colour you think is required for your Photoshop and place Node Chroma, this will be saved in your device in the form of RGB, HEX, and CMYK.

Sensor drone – I personally think this to be something very interesting and useful gadget. This will help you by providing vital information about the environment around you. Right from temperature, humidity air quality, everything can be known through it.

While gadgets are making its way into market, these are few devices, which are not only technically marvellous but also help you keep track of things, which we might not really pay attention.

5 Mobile Gadgets to Make Your Smartphone Look Smarter
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Sanjeet Veen Rana is an expert review writer, who provides inputs on technical and non-technical information about an electronic device in a particularized way to help the consumer take a right decision. Being a software development engineer, he has a keen knowledge over technological advancements that can boost the performance of an electronic device and the aspects that can serve better and stand long.

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