Right from the time I have started using smart phone, I have been connected with android. I have used another operating system as well, but nothing seems to be so comfortable than android. On the other hand, it is like the connection I develop with other things; once I find something very relevant to my interests, I stick on to it. Previously I have been an IOS user, I would say IOS was not the great operating system but it was not flexible enough unlike android.


Here is why I feel one must have android phone.

  1. Android platform offers something for everyone. For people who are concerned about their budget, android phones provide devices with different designs specifications that meet your need. The inclusive nature of android makes it easily available for anyone. For someone who wants to enjoy true smart phone experience without much of difficulty should switch to android.
  2. If you want to enjoy the customization, android offers great flexibility. While IOS keeps a control over default apps, android lets you pick your own customizations level. From wall papers to alternate keyboard custom Rom installs etc. are in your hands. Few of the handset also allows hardware customization.
  3. Have you heard of widgets? When it comes to widgets, android is like feather in cap which offers ease to glance on your home screen if you want certain information without messing up with any app.
  4. Multi-tasking is something that none other OS can offer you with such an ease that android does. This is one reason why my friends say that Sanjeet Veen and Android are replicons.
  5. Android offers a great flexibility to replace the custom ROM. To gain access on some add on or tools android can help you out. Most of the users want to install a new operating system as their carrier or manufacture is slow to upgrade to the latest version of android. With little caution, you can enjoy extreme end of customization on this platform. One can install completely different operating system on some android phones following the tutorials carefully.

Being an open source operating system, this platform can be embedded to any operating system. However, the user need not restrict his usage to develop any app when compared to any other environment. This is a cost effect operating system with greater user benefits.

5 Reasons Why Android Phones Are Better
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Sanjeet Veen Rana is an expert review writer, who provides inputs on technical and non-technical information about an electronic device in a particularized way to help the consumer take a right decision. Being a software development engineer, he has a keen knowledge over technological advancements that can boost the performance of an electronic device and the aspects that can serve better and stand long.

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