After going through many reviews and suggestions, I am here writing my piece of understanding why people should go for pixel. Even though I have been a great admirer of the Apple technology, something that always kept me on edge was its software build-up that could have never been so friendly with other devises. That is what most of us want to be, away from the crowd and unique, then why is it not so simple with technology. However, it has been more than a month after Google made its official announcement on the ostentatious new device. While the heat is still popping out of every site on this piece of techno, I Sanjeet Veen put firth my experience on these devices.

The Design

To compare both the devices in terms of design, there has not been anything astonishing or incredible about the design aspect of i-Phone 7. It has the same old feel of curved sides and metal casing with antenna lines, which could be something new to notice. The headphone jack is been replaced by speaker grill. Therefore, person like me who is hanging onto heads phones until date might take some time to be adjusted.

Google Pixel may not be that great with respect to the design thing. However, a little extra point for the rectangular rounded edges with antenna lines at the bottom of the black plate. The half-glossy black metal glass device offers a better physical appearance. On the contrary, Pixel lacks resolute features that are expected from a flagship phone like water resistance, powerful speakers, and expanding the basic storage.

The software

We may compromise some part with design, but software is certainly no to the mobile geeks. The pixel operating system Nougat had come up with impressive improvements when compared to marshmallow. The iconic search bar in pill shaped widget has the similar functions with that of the transparent pane just in a smaller way. Most of the changes like, circular icons, few with 3D touch, maps everything have a visual edge, however few of the apps needed extra functionality.

I-Phone 7 has the IOS 10, which I find incredibly the best of all the operating systems. Every minute update including integration of 3D touch, sophisticated lock screen had made it better. For an android user, you would still go pixel despite the fact that i-Phone 7 scores extra points for its software built-up.

The camera

There are people who would want to include the aspect of camera while purchasing a phone. This is something most us look into as an important factor. So from my experience, the dual- camera set up with standard versions, optical image stabilisation and ½.7- inch sensor, the devices gives you some of the best pictures.

Google pixel, may not give you a camera with that of apple quality, but the HDR plus mode, f/2.0 aperture, we can certainly expect a good quality picture, but again I-phone weighs little more on this account.

Google Pixel vs. iPhone 7 – What one is the better option?
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Sanjeet Veen Rana is an expert review writer, who provides inputs on technical and non-technical information about an electronic device in a particularized way to help the consumer take a right decision. Being a software development engineer, he has a keen knowledge over technological advancements that can boost the performance of an electronic device and the aspects that can serve better and stand long.

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